Pedigree Viewer

Pedigree Viewer 6.5

Organize and view the data from pedigree diagrams
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Work with the pedigree data of various animals for expos and competitions. Read your basic data file and display the full pedigree structure on the screen. Edit the content and verify the changes to automatically adjust and modify the existing diagrams.

The program reads your simple data file and displays the full pedigree structure on the screen. Each animal is represented by its identity, or its name, or by its value for any of the traits in the data file. You can display a large pedigree of thousands of animals all on the screen at the one time. Data are overlapped on the screen for such large pedigrees, but in one mode an individual's information is highlighted as the mouse cursor passes over. You can ask to find an animal(s) by identity, or by merit or merit range for a given trait.

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